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We worked very closely with the main contractor, design and architectural team. The purpose-built pits linked the command control centre & podium, which were aesthetically based on a racing helmet. This principally included curved RHS vertical and horizontal, cold-rolled supports for the horizontal cladding system with feature sun shield canopies.

Oulton Park Command Control, Podium and Pit Complex

Built on a former munitions site, there were challenges and hazards even before the steel frame was being modelled.


An unexploded World War Two bomb was discovered before the main contractor Faircloth Ltd began work on the final phase of the industrial regeneration of the former Woolwich Arsenal site. Once cleared by an explosive ordnance disposal team, the brief was to design and build a terrace of six high quality Industrial units on a 21,000 sq. ft site, which had to complement a 17th century listed building.


This propped & hipped structure incorporated an integral mezzanine floor and a covered entrance door arrangement. We helped to develop the cladding support system to best fit the architectural requirements.

Woolwich Arsenal

BlueBell Dental Surgery

With extensive use of imported DXF information from architectural and engineering drawings, we were able to quickly complete the accurate positioning of the structural elements. Emailing StruWalk information enabled the approval of connections both structurally and aesthetically.

A bespoke support system was developed and added for the curved eave fascias giving the roof its wing-like appearance. Scaled as-built general arrangements were produced for the sheeting contractor with additional rendered views for the more complex interfaces.

Riverside Walk Enfield

Three decidedly different buildings, sharing a common theme.


The units shaped by site constraints had individual footprints ranging from rectangular and octagonal to irregular hexagon formation.

All the perimeters utilised pre-cast concrete walls tied into the main steelwork up to 1st floor level. We developed the cold rolled support system in conjunction with the engineer and cold-rolled manufacture to establish the most economical system.

Once set on the 1st ‘Model’ the details were copied around to reducing lead times on subsequent units.

O2 Dome Link Bridge

A challenging structure, considering the strict design / architectural brief and tight programme. Using the StruCad system allowed us to not only detail the new bridge structure but also the existing concrete interface from survey information. This ensured a millimetre perfect fit on-site installation within the award winning O2 Building.

Edgware Road

Based on this busy street the structure was split into two phases vertically.

The initial brief necessitated the 2nd floor to be detailed as both a floor and roof.

Should planning permission be given during the construction period the columns were to be extended and the 2nd floor ‘purlins’ and parapet were then to be utilised on the new high level roof freeing up the 2nd floor.

Although the decision to extend was granted after the issue of the 1st phase and during manufacture we detailed phase 2 within the model and using the StruCad issuing system provided a seamless transition from a 2nd floor to roof with no site drilling or welded and associated costs.

Toilet Pods, Silverstone

Small but perfectly formed, these pods were required on site very quickly and, although not overly complex, slight variations in layout meant new models were produced, altered slightly and re-used without the need for a complete redraw.

Builders' Depot New Southgate

Site constrictions determined the curved footprint and presented a challenging multifaceted inner elevation. The set out of this was critical to allow the correct fixing of the horizontal cladding finishes. With braced canopies finishing off the ends the building now makes use of a brown field site next to an existing railway line.

BBC Now Auditorium

Over 450 tonnes of complex multi floored, faceted, sloping cranked structure. In fact it was very difficult to see daylight through the steel surrounding the open auditorium's centre. Many of the columns and support beams are sat on anti-vibration pads with the building topped by a cantilevered parapet services structure. Site survey information from electronic drawings was imported into the model to ensure accurate positioning. All drawn, checked and issued on time.

Immingham Viaduct

Built to span a railway, the bridge not only curved in elevation but was also faceted on plan. The large, spliced bridge girders had plated internals supported on trestles reminiscent of Victorian viaducts, with rivets replaced by bolts.


Tied in its length by a studded deck, the bridge also required a complex barrier system which needed to conform to the relevant Highways Agency standards.


Galvanised sheet protection was also incorporated at a later stage and detailed in 2D

over the ‘footprint’ of the hot rolled model for accuracy.

oulton park edgeware road technical drawing Builder' depot